The materials are accepted only by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), so that the manuscripts submitted could be properly registered and safely kept.

The materials are accepted and reviewed regularly during the whole year and are included in the plan of publication in the order of receipt of materials.

The manuscripts are included in the publication plan of the current issue only provided:

the materials fully comply with the formatting requirements;

the materials contain all the necessary documentation, specifically:

– text of the article,

– information about the author(s) – full first name, patronymic and family name, place of work, academic position, institution, address for the publication in the journal, address for sending copies of the journal, a review of a doctor or candidate of sciences,

– certificate from the post-graduate studies department (if the author is a post-graduate student).

The journal Special Education” traditionally limits the maximum number of articles per one author to one individual publication and to two publications written in co-authorship.

All materials received by the Editorial Board are tested with the “Antiplagiat” system.

After the materials have been accepted for publication, a decision about the payment is taken.

Publication for post-graduate students of all forms of study is free of charge: in order to verify their status, the author should forward a scan of the certificate from the post-graduate studies department.

For all other categories of the authors the publication fee for one article is 9000 rubles per article (regardless of the number of co-authors and pages).

Payment is made in accordance with the agreement, which is sent to the author only after the acceptance of their article for publication. The agreement can be concluded both with the author of the article (an individual) and with an institution (a legal entity).

After that the text of the article is forwarded to the Technical Editor for proof-reading and correcting. At the stage of final proof-reading, the Technical Editor can ask the author to send additional information containing certain details.

The Editorial Board of the journal “Special Education” accepts previously unpublished articles corresponding to the subject areas of the journal. All articles are subject to peer review by experts. The final decision about the publication is made by the Editorial Board. In case the article is rejected, the author is sent a motivated conclusion. Publication for Doctors of sciences and(or) Professors, Post-Graduate Students, foreign authors or Faculty of the USPU is free of charge.

All materials received by the Editorial Board are tested with the “Antiplagiat” system. In case of non-compliance with the norms of originality and borrowing other people’s ideas without quoting the source in accordance with the norms of scholarly community, the article shall be rejected.

Article Formatting Requirements

All papers should be written in Word 6.0/7.0 in accordance with the following requirements:

– articles should be 8-12 pages long and contain about 20,000 characters with spaces;

– paper size – A4;

– font – Times New Roman, (if a non-standard font is used, the author should attach a file with the font.);

– font size 14;

– margins 2.0;

– line spacing 1.5.

In-text quotations should be marked by angle quotes and the information about the source publication is given in square brackets, for example «Quotation text...» [5, pp. 56-57].

The numbered list of literature should contain at least 15 sources. The sources should come after the main body of the text in alphabetical order in accordance with GOST 7.0.100-2018.