The materials are accepted only by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), so that the manuscripts submitted could be properly registered and safely kept.

The editors of the journal "Special Education" accepts for consideration articles that correspond to the subject of the journal and have not been published before. All articles are blindly reviewed by qualified independent experts. Scientific articles proposed for publication should contain a substantiation of the relevance of the topic, a clear statement of the purpose and objectives of the study, scientific reasoning, generalizations and conclusions that are of interest for their scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance.

Articles are accepted, authors and co-authors can be teachers of educational institutions, researchers, graduate students and undergraduates. Students cannot be authors and co-authors.

The article should be well structured, proofread and edited. The editorial board reserves the right, if necessary, to shorten the articles, subject them to editorial revision and send them to the authors for revision. The final decision on publication is made by the editorial board of the journal. In case of refusal to publish, the editors send a reasoned refusal to the author. Authors who are PhD or PhD students are not charged. Postgraduate students, in addition to the article, submit the recommendation of the supervisor.

One author cannot publish more than two articles per year.

Submitted materials are processed in the “ANTIPLAGIAT” system. In case of non-compliance with the norms of originality of the text of 75% and borrowing of other people’s ideas without indicating the source of citation in accordance with the norms accepted in the scientific community, the articles will not be accepted.

A prerequisite for publication is the presence of a review of a doctor of sciences.

The review reflects:

– article title;

– author (authors);

– compliance with the subject of the journal;

– relevance, novelty and practical significance of the presented materials;

– comments on the content and design;

– proposals on the possibility of publication, the need for revision or rejection of the submitted manuscript, indicating the reason.

The reviewer's signature is put on the review, which is certified in accordance with the current rules. An electronic copy of the review is sent by the author along with the materials for publication.

After accepting materials for printing, the issue of payment for publication is decided.

The cost of publishing an article is 9,000 rubles (for one article, regardless of the volume and number of authors). Authors who are doctors of sciences and (or) professors, graduate students, foreign authors, USPU employees are not charged.

Payment is made in accordance with the contract, which is sent to the author after the acceptance of his article for publication.

The contract can be concluded both with the author of the article (individual) and with the institution (legal entity).